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Marvin Gray

Marvin Gray was convicted of the 1975 murder of Joseph Didier in Denver on June 5, 2001. Gray, 46 at the time of his conviction, shot Didier during a robbery after the victim had left his bank job. While only Gray's second murder conviction, he is now serving three life sentences. The unremorseful killer has confessed to over forty killings and police claim polygraph tests have tentatively confimed his likely involvement in over twenty.

Until the true scope of Gray's crimes are known, there is little doubt he will attempt to stay in the public eye with his various antics and outbursts. During the Didier trial Gray was forced to represent himself after repeated threats against his own lawyers. He has been forcefully removed from the courtroom for unruly behavior and threatening to hurt others in the court, a frightening thought considering Gray is so physically strong that he has to be restrained with leg irons. On his wrists.

Gray is fond of the occasional interview, using them to boost his killer image. He has claimed to be a "natural born murderer", and says that "all I think about is killing people". He has also stated his desire to be put to death, forcing authorities to fear he may kill again in prison in order to achieve that goal.